Gravel Race/Cross

Gravel Cross



All roads were meant to be traveled, and with the Gulo Gravel wheels there are no limits to where you can go. Aimed at gravel adventure and cyclocross racing because of its incredible light weight and stiffness, but also perfectly versatile for any road or surface you can throw its way.

Our exclusive line to gravel wheels featured in our AllTerra Series offer both hooked and hookless carbon rim options. With an SL option for both rim styles, this series will expand your all-terrain experience. With each wheel built with the vibration dampening G1 Composite spokes, you won’t ever want the adventure to end.


I have to say after riding on your wheel sets nearly everyday for several months now I'm IMPRESSED! I have been riding for some time now (I'm almost 64) and have never experienced anything as insanely awesome as carbon wheels and spokes! I've mostly toured the entire west coast and this has created a situation like being in my 20s again. Thank you.

- Peter S.