Increased Agility with GULO

nina machina

Ounces Matter When it comes to increased agility and maneuverability on the trails, every ounce matters. That’s why GULO G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology are revolutionizing wheels by combining lightweight…

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Benefits of Vibration Damping

gravel cyclist on gga sl 1980 x 900

Vibration Damping is a critical factor influencing both the rider experience and overall bike performance Mountain biking and gravel riding, with their dynamic and challenging terrain, demand not only skill…

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Unbound Gravel 2023 Recap

unbound 2023

Every year the gravel world descends on Emporia Kansas for Unbound Gravel in early June for 200 miles of constantly undulating gravel where the only things that can be expected…

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Pisgah Stage Race 2023

nina stage race pisgah

Nina ‘Machina’ Machnowski takes on the2023 Pisgah Stage Race How was your performance at the Pisgah Stage Race? The Pisgah Stage Race always delivers a top-quality race. Rowdy and fun,…

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Assault on the Carolinas 2023 Recap

Lars Hallstrom, 1st Rider over the line for the 100k Ride for the Assault on the Carolinas Saturday 10:50 AM, morning of Assault on The Carolinas. After a two hour…

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Ride Smooth Technology

gravel road going thru forest

Is Ride Smooth Technology antivibration? While most carbon spokes increase damping, the Ride Smooth Technology(RST) used in the G-Spoke focuses on compliance and comfort while maximizing stiffness and strength. We…

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