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Proud Partner of the BWR N. Carolina

Gulo Composites is stoked to partner with BWR N. Carolina as the official wheel sponsor Gulo Composites is stoked to partner with BWR North Carolina. As a North Carolina-based company, it’s a no-brainer to support the leading gravel racing series in North America. Our wheels offer a unique advantage for gravel riders because of our manufactured-in-house G1 Composite Spokes. Our spokes…

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Pisgah Podcast with Gulo Composite’s Brand Manger, John Murph.

John Murphy fills us in on his career change from pro cycling to brand manager for Gulo Composites along with the details on their fancy carbon wheels.

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hincapie chattanooga gran fondo logo

The road to Chattanooga and the Hincapie Gran Fondo

This was not my first Gran Fondo, but this Gran Fondo was different. It proved to be what I think is a defining moment in my cycling evolution. I have had forays into cycling both road and mountain through the years as a teen and then as a young adult, but nothing overly serious. Cycling…

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cyclist riding on gravel road

John Murphy, former US National Criterium Champion, talks about Gravel Cycling.

The common ground between mountain & road cycling Gravel Roads connect the mountain biker to the road biker I love the peacefulness that gravel roads and dirt roads tend to bring. The gravel really does marry the mountain biker to the road biker. I have been involved in cycling pretty much my entire life. Ever…

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How to make gravel biking more comfortable

7 key factors to gravel riding success Gravel biking is an exhilarating adventure that takes you off-road and sometimes into uncharted territory. These adventure rides can have you out there in the saddle for hours on end. Many riders pack their bike with all sorts of bags full of essentials to keep the adventure going…

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integrated wheel system

The Gulo Integrated Wheel System

The Heart of the Gulo Wheel System, the G1 Spoke. The heart of the Gulo Integrated wheel system is the G1 Spoke The Gulo Integrated Wheel System is unique to the Gulo brand due to the G1 Spoke carbon spoke. Our spoke was developed utilizing the carbon composite manufacturing process called triaxial braiding in which…

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Top 10 favorite mountain bike trails in Arkansas & Missouri

Mountain bike trails off the radar Arkansas and Missouri have an abundance of trails and trail systems that are not on most mountain bikers’ radar. Many of these trails run more on the natural and technical side of the spectrum. Only a couple of the trails would be considered a flow trail while the area…

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bike on a beach

Journey on 2 Wheels.

A visual examination of my introductory year in cycling, a sport I have come to love. What Exactly Happened to Cycling? In 2020, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world went into lockdown. With non-essential businesses closed gyms were left empty. People took to new activities to stay in shape,…

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gravel bike and cyclocross bike

How are gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes different?

Gravel bikes are trending as cyclocross bikes limit the adventure. What are the differences? The bike that is trending and evolving quickly, is the gravel bikes. Bike brands offer different models built for slightly different purposes, from “all-road” bikes optimized for paved and dirt surfaces to “adventure” bikes with bigger tires that are mountain bike…

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Meet Gulo Ambassador Nina ‘Machina’ Machnowski

Gulo Brand Manager John Murphy Interviews Gulo Ambassador Nina ‘Machina’ As a female in the sport, how do you see the sport progressing as far as support for female cyclists? Now at almost all of the races that I attend, whether they are mountain bike marathons or gravel grinders, they have equal payout for men…

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