Top 10 favorite mountain bike trails in Arkansas & Missouri

Mountain bike trails off the radar Arkansas and Missouri have an abundance of trails and trail systems that are not on most mountain bikers’ radar. Many of these trails run more on the natural and technical side of the spectrum. Only a couple of the trails would be considered a flow trail while the area…

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bike on a beach

Journey on 2 Wheels.

A visual examination of my introductory year in cycling, a sport I have come to love. What Exactly Happened to Cycling? In 2020, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world went into lockdown. With non-essential businesses closed gyms were left empty. People took to new activities to stay in shape,…

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gravel bike and cyclocross bike

How are gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes different?

Gravel bikes are trending as cyclocross bikes limit the adventure. What are the differences? The bike that is trending and evolving quickly, is the gravel bikes. Bike brands offer different models built for slightly different purposes, from “all-road” bikes optimized for paved and dirt surfaces to “adventure” bikes with bigger tires that are mountain bike…

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female cyclist smiling at camera

Meet Gulo Ambassador Nina ‘Machina’ Machnowski

Gulo Brand Manager John Murphy Interviews Gulo Ambassador Nina ‘Machina’ As a female in the sport, how do you see the sport progressing as far as support for female cyclists? Now at almost all of the races that I attend, whether they are mountain bike marathons or gravel grinders, they have equal payout for men…

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mountain biker pisgah

Impressions on First Ride

“These wheels felt great on my first ride. Super responsive. Cornering felt fantastic. I thought being stiffer they would beat me up a little while climbing rocky terrain, but I didn’t feel that. The overall ride just felt better. I rode Kitsuma in Old Fort, NC which is a notoriously fast trail so I put…

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KEIR Launches Unique Bike Wheels-Brevard NC

Reinventing the wheel Brevard’s Keir Manufacturing is reinventing the wheel with its latest product launch – the first bicycle wheel system with braided, impact-resistant, carbon fiber spokes. The product marks KEIR’s first consumer product and new brand, Gulo Composites, and CEO David Watkins believes it’s is going to be the first successful carbon fiber spoke on the market….

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