Trail Chatter GULO

Trail Chatter is preventable with GULO

Trail chatter is the small vibrations that can make your wheel slip, lose grip, or shake your body. Are you tired of feeling every bump and vibration on the trail? Say goodbye to trail chatter with GULO Wheelsets and their innovative Ride Smooth Technology. Designed to enhance your riding experience, GULO wheelsets offer a smoother…

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nina machina

Increased Agility with GULO

Ounces Matter When it comes to increased agility and maneuverability on the trails, every ounce matters. That’s why GULO G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology are revolutionizing wheels by combining lightweight design with smooth performance. Quicker Movements One key factor contributing to the increased agility of GULO wheels is the G-Spoke’s lightweight construction. Just like the…

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gravel cyclist on gga sl 1980 x 900

Benefits of Vibration Damping

Vibration Damping is a critical factor influencing both the rider experience and overall bike performance Mountain biking and gravel riding, with their dynamic and challenging terrain, demand not only skill and endurance from athletes but also a keen understanding of how equipment can limit or facilitate performance. Throughout my 25-year career as a cycling coach…

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mtb wheel with triaxially braided carbon spokes

The difference between Triaxially Braided and UD Carbon Spokes

UD Carbon Spokes and Triaxially Braided Carbon Spokes: compared. The difference between unidirectional (UD) carbon spokes and triaxially braided carbon spokes is in their construction and the way the carbon fibers are arranged. Carbon fiber spokes are crucial components in modern high-performance wheels, offering remarkable strength and lightness. There are two main designs out there…

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unbound 2023

Unbound Gravel 2023 Recap

Every year the gravel world descends on Emporia Kansas for Unbound Gravel in early June for 200 miles of constantly undulating gravel where the only things that can be expected are hard racing and the unexpected. Every year the front of the Unbound Gravel gets more competitive, with professional racers from all over the world…

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Spring Biking in WNC with Grant Godfrey

Spring Biking in WNC with Grant Godfrey

One of the incredible parts of living here and spring biking in WNC is the changing seasons and spring biking. All four seasons have plenty of valid options to be the favorite, summer has our deep green jungle feel deep in the woods, fall has our unique color-changing trees, and winter opens up dozens of…

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bicycle wheels different sizes

Beginners guide to tires for your road, gravel and mountain bike.

Measurement systems for bicycle tires can be confusing especially for beginners. Everyone in cycling must eventually replace their tires, and tire selection can be confusing. So many options are available today; even the trail-hardened rider can get lost in the weeds trying to sort through it all thats why we created the beginners guide to…

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nina stage race pisgah

Pisgah Stage Race 2023

Nina ‘Machina’ Machnowski takes on the2023 Pisgah Stage Race How was your performance at the Pisgah Stage Race? The Pisgah Stage Race always delivers a top-quality race. Rowdy and fun, with lots of anticipation for some of Pisgah’s most technical trails. Everyone is out there for a good challenge! I had a great time during…

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Assault on the Carolinas 2023 Recap

Lars Hallstrom, 1st Rider over the line for the 100k Ride for the Assault on the Carolinas Saturday 10:50 AM, morning of Assault on The Carolinas. After a two hour rain delay the sun had come out and the roads were drying as everyone lined up to take on a revised Assault on the Carolinas…

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gravel road going thru forest

Ride Smooth Technology

Is Ride Smooth Technology antivibration? While most carbon spokes increase damping, the Ride Smooth Technology(RST) used in the G-Spoke focuses on compliance and comfort while maximizing stiffness and strength. We accomplished this bold mission after countless hours of R&D. Ultimately, by controlling the braid angle and using our proprietary triaxial braiding materials, we have created…

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