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GULO Composites

Gulo Composites is a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cycling performance through innovative carbon composite technologies. 

About GULO

The GULO Composites brand was launched in May, 2020 by KEIR Manufacturing. GULO Composites is a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cycling performance through innovative carbon composite technologies. We design and manufacture lightweight, ultra-smooth carbon wheelsets that empower riders of all levels to achieve peak performance and experience the thrill of the ride.


    Wheels have progressed slowly through the years. While traditional wheel designs have limitations like stress risers, tension imbalance, and impact vulnerability, the Gulo wheel system takes a revolutionary approach, tackling these challenges head-on for a superior riding experience.

    A wheel’s most integral and industrious component is the spoke; the link that ties it together and brings the wheel to life. At the heart of the Gulo wheel system lies the incredibly strong and durable Gulo composite G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology. The design intent of the Gulo wheel system was motivated by this unique composite spoke, which propelled the rest of the wheel into an optimized and balanced performance package.

    Developed, engineered, and tested with impact resistance and fatigue life at the forefront, the G-Spoke is truly revolutionary . Exceptional weight, durability, stiffness and vibration damping have never been synergized in such an application, until now.

    The G-Spoke body is designed, engineered, and manufactured all under one roof in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. The use of composite materials with our advanced triaxial braiding techniques offers distinct advantages over traditional metal spokes by reducing vibrations by 7.5%.

    Our triaxial braiding technologies allows our team of engineers to adjust braid orientation and introduce multiple types of fibers for a hybrid composite structure. After years of development with the composite spoke body itself, we have created a structure with many times the impact resistance of any steel spoke on the market today, all the while maintaining featherweight status. The finished spoke assembly consists of aerospace grade aluminum alloys, adhesives, graphene, and composite resin systems, all of which have been engineered from the ground up with weight, strength, fatigue resistance, and UV protection in mind.

    Our lightweight hubs have been optimized and specifically matched to each rim profile to ensure proper angular alignment from the hub to the spoke hole at the rim. This means the spoke enters the rim at its natural angle, not where it is forced to. Our rims are designed effectively with matched drilling to accept the spokes at the proper angles. This means very specific rim hole drilling angles were chosen to alleviate stress risers and ease buildability. All of this comes together to create an extremely lightweight, durable, and reliable composite wheel system.

      Our Products

      Gulo Composites offers a range of carbon wheelsets designed for various cycling disciplines:

      • Mountain: Ultra-stiff and durable wheelsets designed to conquer any terrain.
      • Gravel: Robust and versatile wheelsets built to handle the demands of off-road adventure.
      • Road: Lightweight and aerodynamic wheelsets optimized for speed and efficiency.


      gulo mtb wheel gmx25

      GMX 25



      GMD-27 gulo side view

      GMD 27


      GMD-27 gulo side view

      GME 30



      gulo gga road wheels

      GGA SL



      gulo gga 38 gravel wheelset

      GGA 38



      gulo gga road wheels

      GGX SL



      grd 36 gulo wheelset

      GRD 36


      gulo grd 46 road wheels

      GRD 46


      Our team

        David Watkins


        Founder of KEIR Mfg. Inc., and the brand GULO Composites.  At age twenty-six after moving to Brevard, NC to purchase the assets of a failed technical ceramic manufacturer of textile thread guides. David’s early career was with Boride Products Inc. which produced nuclear ceramics for control rods, abrasive dressing sticks and mold polishing stones as well as tungsten carbide and boron carbide sandblasting nozzles.

        David has six patents. He continues to be the lead the technical development of both products and processes at KEIR, acquisitions, as well as strategic planning.

        David has a BS Degree from the University of Michigan in general studies with an emphasis in business management.

        David is very involved in his community serving in leadership positions on numerous boards over many years.


        david watkins

        John Murphy

        Gulo Composite Brand Manager

        Former 2x National champion professional cyclist. Raced the throughout the international and domestic pro circuit mixing and matching between the spring classics in Europe and the more modern crit racing in USA. Hailing from Marietta, Ga, John now resides in Lake Toxaway, NC just outside of Brevard NC. Now retired from professional racing, John spends his two wheel time on his gravel and mountain bike. He brings his experience in cycling to Gulo Composites to help grow the brand and continue the strong development of carbon spokes on cycling wheels.


        john murphy pro cyclist

        Chad Davis

        Gulo Composite Wheelhouse Manager

        Chad is a dedicated cycling enthusiast driven by his genuine passion for the sport in all forms. His enduring bond with cycling took root in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and took him far and wide to some of the world’s most revered riding. From bike racing to epic rides and the vibrant bike industry, Chad’s journey is a testament to his unwavering love of two wheels.

        With tenures at Enve Composites and Scott Sports, Chad has not just pursued a career but wholeheartedly embraced a way of life. Bikes are Chad’s steadfast companions on adventures and the catalysts for friendships. Chad’s also a hands-on trail advocate for our trails and community through his work leading trail work days and as a board member of our local trail advocacy group – Pisgha Area SORBA.


        chad davis gulo wheelhouse manager

        Lars Hallstrom

        Gulo Composite Engineer

        Growing up mountain biking and cross-country skiing in Michigan, Lars’ career in cycling began when he joined the triathlon team and started working at a local bike shop while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. With a focus on sports-based product development and sensor-based testing, Lars has expertise in lab and field testing, composite manufacturing development, biomechanical analysis, and prototyping. Now, with his racing career focused on professional-level mountain bike and gravel events, Lars brought his expertise to Gulo Composites in 2022 to continue the development of carbon-spoked bicycle wheels.


        lars hallstrom gulo engineer

        Katy Rosenberg

        Gulo Composite Marketing

        Katy is a talented and creative professional who has worked in various industries, designing, advertising, and marketing for B2C and B2B companies. She worked for several years in the Caribbean luxury retail industry, then relocated to the States and worked in the outdoor power equipment industry.

        She joined Gulo Composites in 2020 and is a relative newcomer to the cycling world; Katy passionately embraces the sport and spends much of her free time exploring the trails and getting some time in the saddle looking for the next big adventure.



        john murphy pro cyclist

        GULO LOGOS & photo assets

        Thank you for your interest in GULO Composites!

        For additional assets please contact us directly at or call: (828) 966-3351.

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          John Murphy
          GULO Brand Manager
          (828) 966-3351 ext: 701

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