The GME-30 wheelset is sure to put a smile on your face

We created the GME-30 wheel system to have the perfect balance of strength, stiffness, and compliance, yet tuned enough to feel racy when you get on the throttle. With a generous 30mm internal width rim with engineered compliance, this enduro-ready wheelset is all about getting the most out of your trail experience. The GME-30 rim utilizes our top-tier manufacturing process and comes straight out of the mold in a beautiful finished state. This contributes to excellent wear and scratch resistance because there is no need for post-sanding or top-coat. Combine these features with our G1 spoke and you have a beautifully stiff and efficient wheel system that is still compliant enough to tackle those rock gardens, root sections and g-outs with confidence.



Additional information

Gulo Premium Carbon Rims

30mm internal width hookless, asymmetric offset, 24-hole, 29er

Gulo ETI System Hubs

Boost (110/148), 6-bolt, 6.66° engagement, XD or Shimano Microspline

Gulo Spokes

Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance


1460 grams

Comes With

Rim tape and valves installed

Ferrule Color

Black, Gold


Shimano Microspline, SRAM XD

These wheels felt great on my first ride. Super responsive. Cornering felt fantastic. I thought being stiffer they would beat me up a little while climbing rocky terrain, but I didn’t feel that. The overall ride just felt better. I rode Kitsuma in Old Fort, NC which is a notoriously fast trail so I put them to the test for sure.”

-Nick Pace

I have been enjoying my PNF Enduro wheels. They track well and keep a good tire contact to the ground through tech DH and climbing. The carbon woven spokes are tough as nails. People get hesitant when they hear carbon spokes but these cut into a branch that got sucked into my wheel with no damage, wheel Tru.

-Tim Haggerty

I'm riding the GME-30's and I couldn't be more pleased with the ride. These wheels allow me to feel the terrain so directly that I can anticipate and quickly respond to changes in traction with my body position. They've conquered the terrain of Pisgah, Windrock, Beech, and Sugar without a hitch. Gulo Composites, thank you for giving me a 6th sense.

-Rachel Kelleher