Gulo's innovative approach

Spoke technology.

The bread and butter of the Gulo Wheel System: The G1 Spoke.

carbon fiber composite spoke

The Gulo Integrated System spoke is a triaxially braided composite, consisting of a blend of materials all uniquely chosen for specific purposes. In the development of this spoke, two main goals were at the forefront: lightweight and impact resistance. The G1 spoke was formulated to be able to absorb massive impacts without failing. At the same time, it will retain tension much better and for much longer than traditional steel spokes at 40% of their mass. This was accomplished only after hundreds of different spoke designs were manufactured and tested. In conjunction with this groundbreaking composite spoke body, our team of engineers utilized aerospace-grade aluminum alloys and bonding agents to complete the G1 spoke. At the end of its development cycle, the G1 spoke remains one of the lightest spokes ever produced while achieving exceptional impact resistance.


The G1 spoke starts out life as multiple reels of fiber on our triaxial braiding machines. The types of fiber, orientation, fill content, and braid angles have all been carefully evaluated then selected for specific attributes they contribute to the strength, resiliency, and ride quality of our spoke.

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Spools of spoke braid are then molded into their final shape. Our team developed an entirely new molding process around this one single spoke. From the highest quality molds of exacting tolerances, to our custom resin system and curing cycle, the finished spoke body is a work of functional art.


The G1 spoke is not complete until it is fitted with its end pieces. These aerospace-grade aluminum ferrules went through many renditions before they became the perfect balance of strength, weight, simplicity and clean aesthetics that they are today. They serve to finish the G1 spoke into a clean and easy to build package.



The G1 spoke only came to fruition after countless trials of different braid designs and thousands of impact tests were performed. In the Gulo test lab, we developed an impact tower where every spoke met its match. Compared to standard steel spokes, which will lose tension after one impact, the final version of the G1 spoke surpassed expectations many times over. They can absorb many harsh impacts while still maintaining tension and structural integrity.

Rim technology.

bicycle wheel rim for


Gulo MTB rims come from the highest quality molds and process our factory has ever designed. Because of the super-advanced resin system and mold design, they come straight out of the molds in a finished state. No wet sanding, imperfections, or topcoat. This contributes to excellent wear and scratch resistance on our highest quality rims. Gulo MTB rims are laid up with a blend of premium Japanese Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber. They include spoke hole reinforcements for strength and ultimate weight reduction. The rims are finished with a new permanent type of decal that is cured in place and will not peel, chip, or scratch like traditional sticker decals. All rims are tubeless compatible and should seal up with just a floor pump.

pnf series carbon fiber mountain bike enduro wheel set with carbon composite spokes
closeup of bike wheel hub with carbon fiber spokes


The Gulo ETI (Easy Thread Interface) hubs serve as the perfect platform upon which to build our advanced wheel systems. They have been designed with matched-ERD spoke hole angles, so our Gulo Integrated System (GIS) spokes leave the hub in a straight line and meet the rim where they were meant to. Our hubs feature a patented anti-bite freehub body, alternating 6 pawl drivers (3 pawls engaged at any time), and high-quality steel bearings. The hub shells are machined to extreme tolerances from super light 7075 aluminum alloy.


Gulo Road rims all feature an aerodynamic profile that matches the most current trends in aero rim design. The wide internal width of our road rims allows for larger, more efficient tires to be used and create a tire profile which contributes to the overall aerodynamics of the wheel/tire system. Gulo Road rims are constructed with premium Japanese Toray T700 carbon fiber. The rims are finished with a new permanent type of decal that is cured in place and will not peel, chip, or scratch like traditional sticker decals.

carbon fiber road bike aero wheel with carbon composite spokes


The Gulo wheel system was designed around the exceptional characteristics of the Gulo Integrated System G1 spoke and optimized as a balanced high-performance package. Our Easy Thread Interface hubs were designed with proper spoke angles in mind, such that the GIS spokes interface the rim without any stresses, binding or lateral loads. Our rims were designed with carefully selected spoke hole drilling to accept the spokes at the correct angles and reduce the likelihood of stresses and fatigue failures, which continue to doom steel spokes on almost any wheel on the market. Our G1 Hidden Nipple finishes the package with a smooth rounded contact surface which further alleviates stresses at the rim bed and provides a slick building platform. Welcome to the benefits of the Gulo Integrated System and our system engineering approach to building the best wheels ever.