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The G-Spoke’s innovative approach represents

The future of bicycle wheel technology, addressing the limitations of 19th-century metal spokes with 21st-century materials and design.

An upgrade in performance and a shift towards a more efficient, comfortable, and reliable cycling experience. In essence, the G-Spoke redefines what riders can expect from their wheels, ushering in a new era of cycling technology.

Reduce vibrations= Smooth ride

In contrast to the rigid nature of metal spokes, the G-Spoke’s composite material excels in anti-vibration, absorbing road chatter and delivering a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Reduced vibrations increase rider comfort in hands, neck, shoulders, butt and feet. Studies show that vibration reduction helps to reduce hand numbness, back pain, arm pump, shoulder strain.

This is a crucial advancement, especially considering that metal spokes, with their limited vibration-damping capabilities, can contribute to rider fatigue and discomfort and decrease control, confidence, and performance.


Less maintenance = More riding

The G-Spoke’s modern composite material offers a 20% increase in tensile strength over traditional metal spokes, enhancing durability and a long wheel life. This means the wheel maintains tension longer, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and wheel truing. This strength is pivotal in maintaining wheel integrity under stress and during high-impact riding conditions over the life of the wheel.

Riding Revolution

 The G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology represents a leap forward in, utilizing cutting-edge materials to overcome the limitations of traditional metal spokes. This advancement significantly reduces hand fatigue, providing riders with enhanced control and confidence on the toughest trails. It’s an upgrade in performance, offering a smoother, more responsive ride that improves overall comfort and reliability. In essence, the G-Spoke redefines expectations, ushering in a new era of cycling technology tailored to meet the demands of modern mountain bikers.


As a cycling coach and mountain bike skills instructor, I’m constantly on the lookout for innovations that can enhance the riding experience or performance for my clients. One such breakthrough comes in the form of Gulo Composites bicycle wheels, which have taken the cycling community by storm with their superior vibration damping properties.

Through the materials they use and manufacturing process  Gulo has come up with the secrect sauce to dissipatating vibrations to the bike and rider. The “precise” feeling I experienced comes in part from the fact that Gulo spokes don’t elongate or “flex” under load like a traditional steel spoke. The movements the rider makes to balance, steer, and force the bike around feel more precise because that “energy” isn’t lost due to flex. Fast forward a couple of years. I’ve been riding Gulo Composites wheels on the mountain bike, e-bike, and gravel bike that I coach with regularly. The spokes have stood the test of time and abuse, shedding attempts by errant sticks, rocks, and other foreign objects to shatter my carbon composite bliss.

– JOSH WHITMORE, Cycling Coach and Mountain Bike Skills Instructor

“I received the GGX-SL’s to take them out and punish them on the Pisgah gravel hoping they wouldn’t punish me. And they fit the bill, they were stiff and responsive during acceleration and climbing and soaked up the bumps on the descents. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful and weighed in as advertised. Highly recommended!”

– Charles M


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