Road less traveled on Gulo's GGA-SL's

Gravel Adventure

The Ultimate Carbon Gravel Wheels


          • Lifetime Warranty
          • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
          • G1 Composite Spokes(24)
          • 1215 grams/wheelset
          • 25mm internal rim width
          • 23mm carbon rim depth
          • Center-lock rotor mounts(disc only)
          • Hookless rim | Tubeless-only
          • Recommended tire size: 28-50mm

Innovative bike components

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, we are riders releasing the brakes on a sophisticated line of innovative bike components starting with the G1 carbon composite spoke. Designed, engineered, and tested in one place. With trailblazing composite technologies and unique processes, we have the total handle of our products, giving us a unique advantage in the composite marketplace. We are committed to offering tough, reliable components that make every ride a ride worth bragging about.

Capitalizing on our experience of over the last 35 years in the composites and ceramic industry we bring a new perspective to the gravel, mountain and road bike world. With a lifetime warranty and unrivaled customer service, we are daring to do the impossible. Putting a new spin on the wheel, one spoke at a time.

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We Push The Limits. So Can You.

Handmade in the USA - for over a decade, we have grown and developed our
expertise in composites manufacturing for the industrial world.



Our whole process was holistically engineered specifically for the function of a spoke in a multitude of environments. No corners were cut, allowing for an optimized product that will push the boundaries and capabilities of cyclists and products alike.

Reinventing the wheel one spoke at a time.

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Hand-built in-house, quality guaranteed.  Our team of composites engineers control the process from start to finish.  Once spokes are finished and in hand, they go to our wheel department to be hand-built into the highest quality wheels money can buy.

Built like your ride depends on it.

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closeup of bike wheel hub with carbon fiber spokes


Stress, Fatigue, Impact, Destruction.  Our products are tested beyond the limits of current test standards, and when no standards exist, our engineering team creates their own to replicate real world extreme use.  Each product undergoes a barrage of tests, ensuring optimum performance over the product life-cycle, as well as the ability to withstand use and abuse out in the field.

We push the limits.  So can you.

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Our bread & butter
the G-1 Carbon Spoke.

Our carbon spoke wheels will give your bike a distinctively quiet, active, and lively ride while adding stiffness and dropping rotational weight.


Western North Carolina (WNC) and Pisgah National Forest are home to some of the highest and most rugged mountains in the Eastern US, making our home territory the perfect testing arena.  From grueling road and gravel adventures, to over 400 miles of rugged mountain bike trails, we make sure our products can take it all.

Lighter.  Stronger.  Farther.

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Higher tensile strength than steel and superior impact toughness.



Our spokes weigh under 3 grams, only 40% of the rotational mass of traditional steel spokes.  They are the lightest replaceable spokes on the market.



The G-1 spoke absorbs energy without the elongation of steel spokes. This helps maintain a truer rolling wheel under load and provides a comfortable, smoother yet more responsive ride.