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The G-Spoke

w/ Ride Smooth Technology

Our Ride Smooth Technology in every G-Spoke reduces vibrations by up to 12% based on real-world field testing.

What does that mean to you?

  • Increased control
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased performance
  • Reduced Fatigue
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gulo hub silver ferrules

Charles M.

"I received the GGX-SL’s to take them out and punish them on the Pisgah gravel hoping they wouldn’t punish me. And they fit the bill, they were stiff and responsive during acceleration and climbing and soaked up the bumps on the descents. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful and weighed in as advertised. Highly recommended!"

grd 36 gulo wheelset

Jeff T.

"My GRD 36 Gulo wheels carried me well over the entire length of the C&O Canal towpath this week. 

They were on a gravel bike with a titanium frame and carbon fork, but no other shock absorption.  Thanks to the Gulo wheels superb ride, I survived 185 miles of bumps, ruts, and rocks.  The wheels also allowed me to accelerate quickly -- very handy when trying to keep up with the Scouts I was chaperoning during the trip!

Thanks for making such a great product!"

Best, Jeff


Carl C.

"These wheels are insanely stiff, light, and comfortable. The carbon spokes eat up bumps & vibrations on the road unlike anything I've ever ridden before, which is ideal for those long gravel rides that would normally beat you up after a few hours. These have definitely been the best upgrade I've made to my gravel setup and I would highly recommend them!"

mathew busche cyclist crossing finish line

Matthew B.

"These wheels rock. The weight savings are clear, but achieving comfort and high end performance in one wheel is not easy. The GRD-36 do it though. They are comfortable for long days in the saddle, yet they are snappy enough to race on the weekends. The rim depth also strikes a great middle ground for pure climbing and flat land aerodynamics. Oh, and if you're stuck deciding between gravel and road adventures, these do both! If you need a do it all wheel, these should be of top consideration."

female cyclist smiling at camera

Nina M.

"I've been running the GMD-27s for 50+ mile back country mountain bike races, and I must say: these wheels are the perfect weapon for the kind of riding that I do! Not only are they super light and nimble on the climbs, but the burlier nature of the wheel allows me to rip down some serious gnar with full confidence!"

Ride Smooth Ride GULO

Each G-Spoke is manufactured in NC with Ride Smooth Technology to give each and every gulo wheel a distinctly smooth ride feel.

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gravel cyclist on gga sl 1980 x 900

Rider Designed

Our wheels are designed in North Carolina to be light, tough, and as smooth as butter. Smooth is fast.

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Every GULO Wheel is hand-built in our Wheelhouse in Brevard, NC. As bike riders ourselves, we take pride in every build.

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