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The Gulo Composites Warranty

Do you intend to drop the hammer, groad hard, or shred the gnar? Then you’ve landed in the right place. But rest assured, if you land in the wrong place, we’ve still got you covered.

Gulo Composites has engineered, designed, and tested our products under the most rigorous conditions so you can ride on with confidence. We are so confident in our wheel systems that we offer them with a 5-year limited warranty and crash replacement policy, as well as a free replacement policy on our composite spokes.

At the end of the day our intention is to make sure you, the customer, is taken care of. If your Gulo Wheel System develops any unforeseen issues, we will err on the side of the customer and get you back on the bike promptly. There are certain events, such as crashes, rock strikes, vehicle-related incidents, which we can’t account for. But even in these instances, we intend to offer you the best service possible. 

Please read on for more detailed information concerning the warranty of each component.


5-Year Limited w/ Crash Replacement Plan

Gulo Composites warrants our composite rims to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years for the original, registered owner. During the first five years from the date of purchase, if your rims develop any problems outside of normal wear and tear, send your parts back to the Gulo Wheelhouse and we will repair or replace any parts that do not conform to our quality specifications.

Crash Replacement – Did you miss a landing, hit a pothole, or forget about the bikes on the roof of your car when pulling into the garage? These types of incidents can leave you in dire straits on the trail side or road, or with expensive home repair bills. We intend to ease that pain and get you rolling again.

Gulo Composites will replace any damaged or broken composite rim for the cost of $350. This includes professional wheel rebuild by the team at the Gulo Wheel House.


2-year Limited w/ 1-year free bearing replacement & free service

Gulo Composites warrants our hubs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase for the original, registered owner. This warranty does not cover wear and tear items such as axles and freehub bodies. We do offer a 1-year free bearing replacement. If you develop abnormal bearing wear or play within the first year of use, we’ve got you covered free of charge. If you are outside of the first year of use, we will still service the hubs for free, at the cost of materials.


5-year Unlimited Warranty

Break a spoke? We will replace it. No questions asked.

At the core of the Gulo Composites wheel system is the G1 spoke, which is designed, engineered and manufactured all under one roof in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. We are extremely confident and proud of this product and want you to be as well.

Gulo Composites warrants our composite spokes for 5-years to the original, registered owner. If you break a spoke, we will replace it, no questions asked. If you would like to send your wheels in for service, our team at the Gulo Wheel House will replace your spoke, free of charge, not including shipping fees. If you prefer to have your professional mechanic replace the spoke, we will send one out at the cost of shipping only.

Gulo Wheelset Series

Welcome to the benefits of the Gulo Integrated System and our system engineered approach to designing and building the best riding wheels ever. Patents Pending.


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