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PNF Series

On the road, the Gulo wheels made an immediate difference in both the acceleration and ride quality of our test bike. They feel stiff in corners and out of the saddle, but they have a calm, composed ride in rough gravel. Perhaps there really is something to those G1 composite spokes? And while I was initially skeptical of the aerodynamics of the large, round spokes, the wheels feel very fast in a variety of wind conditions.

-MG, Ridinggravel.com

Riding the GMX-25s on two different bikes with multiple comparative wheel sets to contrast with and on familiar trails give a good control set to work with. In performance, these wheels are every bit the high end wheel you’d expect. Light weight, responsive in peddling input, as well as precise under braking, all highly desirable traits. 

- John Koury, The Two Johns Podcast