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175 Years of Steel Ends Now

 with carbon spoke technology


Carbon Spoke Technology

Our G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology (RST) represents a significant advancement in bicycle wheel technology, reducing vibrations by 7.5%.


Our G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology represents a significant advancement in bicycle wheel technology. The use of composite materials with our advanced triaxial braiding techniques offers distinct advantages over traditional metal spokes by reducing vibrations. This gives bike riders enhanced control, comfort, and performance.


This composite material offers a 20% increase in tensile strength over traditional metal spokes, enhancing durability and longevity. This means the wheel maintains tension longer, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and wheel truing. This strength is pivotal in maintaining wheel integrity under stress and during high-impact riding conditions over the life of the wheel.

In contrast to the rigid nature of metal spokes, the carbon G-Spoke’s composite material excels in dissipating vibration, absorbing road and trail chatter and delivering a smoother, more comfortable ride. This is a crucial advancement, especially considering that metal spokes, with their limited vibration-damping capabilities, can contribute to rider fatigue/discomfort and decrease control, confidence, and performance.

The results of our testing (see chart) show a significant vibration reduction transmitted through the Gulo G-Spoke wheel versus the comparable steel spoked wheel.

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gulo ggx sl front wheel silver ferrule

Real World Results.

what They’re Saying


You have to ride these wheels to understand how they feel different. The vibration dissipation of the spoke material is noticeable and reduces fatigue. Combined with a high precision feel when riding through technical features and noticeably light weight, these are goto wheels for Enduro/Trail riding, Cross Country, and Gravel.

Josh Whitmore

I have been enjoying my PNF Enduro wheels. They track well and keep a good tire contact to the ground through tech DH and climbing. The carbon woven spokes are tough as nails. People get hesitant when they hear carbon spokes but these cut into a branch that got sucked into my wheel with no damage, wheel Tru.

Tim Haggerty

My favorite wheels! Gulo has created a successful ultralight wheel with their carbon comoposite G-Spokes. I’ve ridden DH trails in Oaxaca and all the gnar in Pisgah with the GMD-27s and they’ve never had issues. On my gravel bike I have the aero GGA-38s – super fast and light! Gotta love the new oil slick hubs and decals as well!

Nina "Machina"