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Frequentely Asked Questions

Have A Question? We've Got Answers

Do you offer facility tours?

Absolutely! Please come visit us at the Gulo Wheel House. This is where our team of expert builders assemble and build the best wheels ever made. Please call us at 828-966-3351 to schedule a visit to the Wheelhouse.  Visits are by appointment only, Monday and Friday, 8 am-5pm.

Where are your wheels built?

All Gulo wheels are handbuilt in the Gulo Wheel House, 33 W. Probart St. Brevard, North Carolina, USA.

Can I build my own?

Fortunately for you, the customer, we keep all the building in-house, ensuring that our wheels are built to the highest standards and meet all QC checks. Because of our proprietary wheel system, it is not possible to mix and match other companies’ parts into your Gulo Wheel System.

Can I send in my own hubs?

Gulo Wheel Systems require the use of Gulo’s own Easy Thread Interface hubs, and thus can only be bought as a complete system.

Do you offer bearing upgrades?

We currently offer ceramic upgrades for all of our wheelsets. We use a high-quality Kogel ceramic bearing which has the highest tolerance standards.

$250 Wheelset
$100 Front Wheel
$150 Rear Wheel

I broke a spoke! What now?

Even though the Gulo Wheel System is built on proprietary rims, hubs, and spokes, it is easy to service them with basic shop mechanics tools.  Please refer to our Service Guide for detailed instructions. 

If you do happen to break a spoke, have no worries. It is highly recommended that you get your wheel back to the Gulo Wheelhouse where it was born, for a free and full refresh. Please fill out our online Service Request Form prior sending your wheel(s) for service. It will help to expedite your service. 

If you would prefere to replace yourself or work with your local mechanic we will mail you replacement spokes at no cost. 

If you need more assistance please give us a call at (828) 966-3351 or send an email to

Are your rims tubeless compatible?

Yes, all Gulo Wheel systems utilize tubeless ready rims.  You will receive them taped and with tubeless valves installed, ready to mount your tubeless tires and go ride.  You can still use tubes if you prefer.

What Size Rim Tape Do I need

We offer several widths of Gulo rim tape. See chart below to determine your tape width.

  • It is important to ensure you get the right tape size to seal your rim bed fully. We recommend 1-2 layers of rim tape for a secure seal.
  • The rims should be cleaned with isopropyl to ensure a clean, smooth application between the tape and the rim material.
  • Tape widths come in 10meter length and a 30meter length options for all widths.

rim tape table for sizes

To read more on how to apply rim tape go to How to install tubeless rim tape post

Is there a weight limit on your rims or wheels?

Our GMX-25 wheelset has a recommended weight limit of 220lb.

Our GRX-SL wheelset has a recommended weight limit of 250lb.

These are super lightweight, race-ready wheelsets aimed at competition.  They are extremely durable and capable of abuse, but if you’re an Endurbro Huckster or Clydesdale looking to grind gravel on the weekends, we have other great options for you!

Do you have a crash replacement policy?

Lifetime Limited with Crash Replacement Plan for Gulo Rims

Gulo Composites warrants our carbon composite rims to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the expected product life to the original, registered owner. If your rims develop any problems outside of normal wear and tear, send your wheels back to the Gulo Wheelhouse and we will repair or replace any parts that do not conform to our quality specifications. Replacements will be with the current similar components.

Crash Replacement – Did you miss a landing, hit a pothole, or forget about the bikes on the roof of your car when pulling into the garage? These types of incidents can leave you in dire straits on the trailside or road, or with expensive home repair bills. We intend to ease that pain and get you rolling again.

Gulo Composites will replace any damaged or broken carbon composite rim one time for the original registered owner for the cost of $400. This includes professional wheel rebuild by the team at the Gulo Wheel House.

Visit our Warranty Page for more information.

How soon will you ship my wheelset after I order?

Most wheelsets are in stock and ship within two business days via UPS Ground.

Hooked vs. Hookless

We offer two different styles of rims for different applications.

Our Mountain and Gravel lineup are all hookless rims.  For high volume/low pressure setups, hookless is the preferred design.  The rims can be made stronger to absorb impacts while still maintaining a secure lock between tire and rim.

Our Road lineup of wheels is all hooked rims.  These are preferable for high pressure/low volume setups, where impacts are not as common, and tire security is critical.

Do you offer rim brake wheels?

Currently all Gulo Wheel Systems are disc-only.  As a new emerging company, aimed at the highest end of the cycling market, we want to push cycling and technological trends in a forward direction.  Unless your Dad’s Schwinn LeTour makes an historic comeback, we will continue on this path.

Freehub bodies and axle specs - which one to choose?

Please make sure when ordering your new Gulo wheels that you select the correct driver body to fit your bike.

On our road and CX wheels, you can choose between Shimano 10/11spd, SRAM XD-R 11/12spd, or Campagnolo 11spd.

On our MTB wheels, you can choose between SRAM XD or Shimano Microspline.

We also have axle and end cap kits available to fit most common axle/spacing specs.

What maintenance do I need to do with my hubs?

We recommend checking your hub bearings regularly for smoothness and bearing play.  If the bearings have developed wear (i.e. pitting, resistance, play) it is easy to replace them.  Please refer to the service page for our hub schematics.  You can also send your wheels to the Gulo Wheelhouse and we’d be happy to service them free of charge, at the cost of the bearing only.

Why does Gulo utilize asymmetric offset in some rims and not others?

An asymmetric rim profile allows for better triangulation of spoke angles and more balanced tension.  In wider rims, this profile is preferable.  That is why the MTB and CX/Gravel Gulo Wheel Systems utilize an asymmetric rim profile. 

In our road rims, where an asymmetric rim offset would not be possible, Gulo has designed the spoke hole drilling to alternate back and forth be 1mm off from the centerline of the rim.  This allows the spoke to enter the rim at a less severe angle and helps with spoke fatigue life.

What is the maximum tire pressure I can use

GMX 25, GRD 27 & GME 30 – 20-40psi recommended

GGA 38, GGA SL 80psi recommended

GGX SL – 130psi Max for Road, 80psi Max for Gravel

GRD-36 & GRA-46 – 130psi max for road

For more information on Tire Pressure click here.

Spoke Tension Recommendations

Visit our Service Guide page for Spoke Tension Recommendations.

Use this as a reference when having a professional mechanic true or service your wheels.

General Care & Maintenance

Store your wheels away from direct sunlight as UV light can discolor and deteriorate resin over time.

Check your wheels for trueness regularly.  A properly trued wheel will not require re-tensioning frequently.  If a wheel becomes out of true and neglected, the balance of the entire system will be affected and may cause further issues.  Wheels should be maintained and trued as soon as it is apparent to the user.

Please only use tire levers as a last resort.  If using proper tire installation technique, you should not need to use tire levers.  If you need to resort to tire levers, ONLY use plastic levers.  NEVER use metal tire levers or other sharp metal objects.