gulo ggxsl front wheel



22mm internal rim depth
28mm carbon rim depth

gulo grd36 wheel oilslick hub

GRD 36


36mm Rim Depth
700c Carbon Road Wheels

gulo grd46 road wheel olislick hub

GRD 46


46mm Rim Depth
700c Carbon Road Wheels

Gulo’s Road series is the ultimate all-around wheel system for everyday riding to race day, delivering an incredible ride feel from the first pedal stroke to the last. Lightweight and nimble, strong yet compliant, our road series is ready to take on everything from all-day epics to hour-long races in the harshest conditions imaginable. The ride quality, compliance, and vibration damping come from Gulo’s triaxial braided spoke and Ride Smooth Technology (RST). Our all-rounder and aero wheels check all the boxes for those big climbs, racy descents, or flat-out speed; pick your weapon of choice. 

gulo grd 46 aero wheels on riders bike