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You have to ride these wheels to understand how they feel different. The vibration dissipation of the spoke material is noticeable and reduces fatigue. Combined with a high precision feel when riding through technical features and noticeably light weight, these are goto wheels for Enduro/Trail riding, Cross Country, and Gravel.

Josh W.

Gulo wheels have seriously improved the ride feel and quality of my gravel riding. When I started using Gulo wheels, I automatically noticed a difference in how smooth my rides felt, even on really rough gravel roads and trails. I highly recommend these wheels to anyone who wants a smoother ride!

Nina L.

My favorite wheels! Gulo has created a successful ultralight wheel with their G1 carbon spokes. I’ve ridden DH trails in Oaxaca and all the gnar in Pisgah with the GMD-27s and they’ve never had issues. On my gravel bike I have the aero GGA-38s – super fast and light! Gotta love the new oil slick hubs and decals as well!

Nina "Machina"

I’ve been running the GME 30 wheelset for almost two years now. It drastically improved bike feel and handling for me. They are stiff and compliant at the same time. Gulo promptly service the wheels when the tune-up was due. They have seen a lot of rocks, roots and rots without any major issues. If you are looking for a very light and durable wheel set — I can highly recommend them.

Roman Ru.

I have been enjoying my PNF Enduro wheels. They track well and keep a good tire contact to the ground through tech DH and climbing. The carbon woven spokes are tough as nails. People hesitant when they hear carbon spokes but these cut into a branch that got sucked into my wheel with no damage, wheel Tru.

Tim H.

I wouldn’t have thought composite spokes would make a difference beyond weight, but they do. These are amazing wheels. I own and have ridden many other pairs of carbon wheels, but these are the most responsive, surest feeling wheels I’ve ridden. And the gold spoke ends are cool!

John H.