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Carbon Spoke Technology

Mountain biking is a sport of precision, passion, and perpetual evolution, with every component of your bike playing a pivotal role in the experience. Among these, the wheels and spokes stand out as the heart of your ride’s performance.

Unmatched Strength & Durability

GULO’s carbon wheels, featuring triaxially braided carbon spokes, could be the upgrade that rejuvenates your mountain bike and  make your bike feel brand new. The unique triaxial braiding technique used in Gulo’s carbon spokes weaves carbon fibers in three directions, significantly enhancing the wheel’s strength and durability.

Spokes often bear the brunt of direct impacts and steel spokes are prone to bending and breaking. In contrast, GULO’s triaxially braided spokes distribute stress more evenly which means you can tackle rougher trails and harder hits without worrying about wheel integrity. Your wheels are not only tougher but are expected to outlast standard models, giving your bike a lasting new lease on life.

Other reasons why to upgrade to GULO Wheels

Enhanced Ride Quality and Performance

The GULO mountain bike wheels are engineered to transform your riding experience. The carbon spokes’ triaxial braiding allows for improved wheel stiffness and responsiveness, which is crucial when navigating the diverse terrains mountain bikers often face. This increase in stiffness does not translate to a harsher ride, though. In fact, the carbon’s natural damping properties help absorb trail vibrations, delivering a smoother ride. With these wheels, every pedal stroke is converted more efficiently into forward motion, making climbs easier and descents more controlled.

Lighter Weight for Competitive Edge

Weight is a critical factor in mountain biking, affecting everything from acceleration to handling. The triaxially braided carbon spokes are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts. This reduction in rotational mass makes the wheels quicker to spin up and easier to maneuver, which can be a game changer on the trail. Lighter wheels mean you can accelerate faster, change direction more swiftly, and save energy over long rides. Whether you’re competing or just enjoying a day on the trails, these wheels can give you a noticeable edge.

Aesthetic Appeal

The look of your bike matters. GULO’s wheels with their sleek, innovative design and the distinctive pattern of the triaxially braided spokes give your mountain bike a modern, high-tech appearance. Upgrading to these wheels can transform your bike not only functionally but also visually, making it stand out on the trails.

Long-Term Investment

While the initial investment in a set of high-quality GULO mountain bike wheels may be higher than standard options, the long-term benefits justify the expense. The durability and enhanced performance mean you won’t need to replace your wheels as frequently. Plus, the energy savings and improved ride quality can keep you biking longer and more comfortably, potentially reducing the need for other types of upgrades or new bikes.

Upgrading to GULO mountain bike wheels with triaxially braided carbon spokes is more than just swapping out old parts. It’s about investing in your mountain bike and, enhancing every aspect of your ride from performance to aesthetics. If you’re looking for a transformative upgrade, GULO’s wheels should be it.

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Our G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology represents a significant advancement in bicycle wheel technology. The use of composite materials with our advanced triaxial braiding techniques offers distinct advantages over traditional metal spokes by reducing vibrations. This gives bike riders enhanced control, comfort, and performance.

gulo ggx sl front wheel silver ferrule

Real World Results.

what They’re Saying


You have to ride these wheels to understand how they feel different. The vibration dissipation of the spoke material is noticeable and reduces fatigue. Combined with a high precision feel when riding through technical features and noticeably light weight, these are goto wheels for Enduro/Trail riding, Cross Country, and Gravel.

Josh Whitmore

I have been enjoying my PNF Enduro wheels. They track well and keep a good tire contact to the ground through tech DH and climbing. The carbon woven spokes are tough as nails. People get hesitant when they hear carbon spokes but these cut into a branch that got sucked into my wheel with no damage, wheel Tru.

Tim Haggerty

My favorite wheels! Gulo has created a successful ultralight wheel with their carbon comoposite G-Spokes. I’ve ridden DH trails in Oaxaca and all the gnar in Pisgah with the GMD-27s and they’ve never had issues. On my gravel bike I have the aero GGA-38s – super fast and light! Gotta love the new oil slick hubs and decals as well!

Nina "Machina"