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Ounces Matter

When it comes to increased agility and maneuverability on the trails, every ounce matters. That’s why GULO G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology are revolutionizing wheels by combining lightweight design with smooth performance.

Quicker Movements

One key factor contributing to the increased agility of GULO wheels is the G-Spoke’s lightweight construction. Just like the GMX 25, our G-Spokes are manufactured with specific fiber orientation for quicker acceleration and smoother handling. This means you can tackle technical trails with confidence, knowing that your wheels won’t hold you back.

Dance with the Trail

The importance of rotational weight cannot be overstated when it comes to bike performance. Unlike traditional steel spokes that add unnecessary bulk and inertia, GULO G-Spokes are designed to minimize weight without compromising strength or durability. This results in a wheelset that feels nimble and responsive, allowing you to navigate tight corners and obstacles with ease. The lightweight feature of the GULO wheels gives you the ability to unweight the bike and dance down the trail, hitting the line you want and avoiding obstacles with ease.

Ride Smooth Technology for the Win

Furthermore, GULO G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology maintain their shape and integrity under stress, providing consistent performance ride after ride. Unlike steel spokes that can elongate over time, G-Spokes offer unparalleled reliability and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. If you looking to step your game up this season with a set of wheels that are more comfortable and will increase performance at the same time, look no further.

Test Ride Today

If you’re looking for increased agility and maneuverability on the trails, GULO G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology are the perfect choice. Experience the difference lightweight design and responsive performance can make in your ride and elevate your biking experience to new heights. Give us a a call: (828) 966-3351 to schedule a test ride or just to learn more.

gulo ambassador nina machina competing in pisgah stage race

Gulo Ambassador Nina “Machina”, competing in the Pisgah Stage Race.