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The common ground between mountain & road cycling

cyclist riding on gravel road

Gravel Roads connect the mountain biker to the road biker

I love the peacefulness that gravel roads and dirt roads tend to bring. The gravel really does marry the mountain biker to the road biker.

I have been involved in cycling pretty much my entire life. Ever since I was eleven years old when I started racing mountain bikes.

I was able to race for some of the biggest teams in the world: BMC, United Healthcare, Holowesko-Citadel, and my last two years were with Rally Pro Cycling. Most of my success in cycling came in the Crits. I was able to win the National title two times, and I also was able to win at Athens Twilight two times in a row.

I am extremely passionate about riding gravel because, as I end my road racing career and focus more on the fun side of the sport, I really enjoy the adventure of gravel and what it brings to the cycling world. When riding on the road I find a lot of times it is a “necessary evil” to get to the dirt, to get to the gravel sections, and pass over really cool terrain.

I am really thrilled to bring this new gravel wheel to the market. With our G1 Composite Spoke, you can feel a noticeable difference as soon as you get on your bike. It’s immediate. It’s not the kind of thing you need to go out and ride 6 hours on to tell why these spokes are better than the standard stainless steel spoke.

Hi, I am John Murphy, and this is Gulo Composites.

man holding bicycle wheel
John Murphy
Brand Manager, Gulo Composites

John Murphy

A former 2x National champion professional cyclist, John raced throughout the international and domestic pro circuit. He mixed and matched between the spring classics in Europe and the more modern crit racing in the USA.

Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, John resides in Lake Toxaway, located just outside of Brevard, North Carolina. Now retired from professional racing, John spends his two-wheel time on his gravel and mountain bike. He brings his experience in cycling to Gulo Composites to help grow the brand and continue developing carbon spokes on cycling wheels.