Why Carbon Spokes?

Why are carbon spokes growing in popularity? Why are carbon spoke bicycle wheels becoming so popular? There is a strong association between high-end performance and carbon fiber. Almost all high-end frames, forks, wheels, etc., are all carbon fiber, no wonder they are the choice of top athletes and teams worldwide. We highlight what makes carbon…

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winter snow biking tracks

5 Tips for Winterizing your bike

Gulo warehouse manager Sam Yates, talks about 5 tips he does for winterizing his bike. These are my 5 tips for winterizing your bike. We’re going to cover mudguards, frame protection, brakes, and tire changes. And then miscellaneous things I do when we talk about mud protection. #1 Mudguards The first big obvious one is…

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G1 carbon composite spoke

What are the benefits of triaxially braided carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is known for its strength and lightweight properties Triaxially braided Carbon fiber is a material known for its strength and lightweight properties, making it ideal for use in applications, from the cycling industry to aerospace, automotive engineering and construction. Traditional woven carbon fiber fabrics are produced by interlacing carbon fiber strands into a…

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Cyclist riding in snow

5 Winter Training tips to Maximize Your Summer Racing

As many of us in the northern hemisphere burrow deeper into our winter pain caves, here are five winter training tips to ensure you emerge from winter and into the spring/summer race season stronger than ever. 1. Analyze The Past, Measure The Present, Focus On The Future The key to planning a successful race season…

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How to apply rim tape

I need tubeless rim tape. Where do I start? Gulo Composites offers multiple widths of rim tape depending on your wheel size. We recommend tubeless tape slightly wider than your inner rim width(IRW). For hookless rims, the tape should not “climb” the rim’s sidewalls. This could impede the tire bead/rim connection. Measure the inner rim…

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Happy Veterans Day to all who Served

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have fearlessly served our great country. Our very own Mac Morrow served for over 31 years as a Marine Colonel, with Brevard Mayor Copelof, who also served as a Navy Captain.⁠ Mac was awarded the: Mac is the General Manager at our manufacturing facility in Brevard, North Carolina….

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ceramic bearing kogel

Are ceramic bearings worth it?

As cyclists, we are always searching for the holy grail, that perfect ride delivered by the ultimate machine. To achieve perfection, we change our bikes and even make significant upgrades that offer marginal gains in performance.

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traverse city michigan fall

Belgian Waffle Ride Michigan – 2nd place at the inaugural event

Lars Hallstrom says team effort pays off for multiple podium finishes at the Belgian Waffle Ride The inaugural Belgian Waffle Ride Michigan was a blast, with peak fall colors and perfect weather on race day. We were fortunate for a couple of days leading up to race weekend, which left us with ideal conditions. The…

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whitefish montana

The Best Last Ride

George is a Gulo Fan and loves his GGX-SL gravel wheels. He recently participated in the Gravel Event The Last Best Ride in the Mountain Goat Course, held in Whitefish Montana and shared a bit about his gravel adventure. “I rode The Last Best Ride Montana on my Gulo gravel wheels.  They were fantastic.  It…

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road cyclist riding carbon road wheels

Should I upgrade to carbon wheels for my road bike?

Should I upgrade to carbon wheels Your bike wheels are undeniably the most critical point of performance for your road bike. Performance, reliability, and ride quality are paramount when upgrading your wheels. Should I upgrade to carbon wheels for my road bike and is it just an expensive way to make your bike lighter? Do…

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