disc brake

Advantages of Disc Brakes over Rim Brakes

Disc brakes vs Rim brakes We are often asked, “what are the advantages of disc brakes over rim brakes?” and “Does Gulo Composites make a carbon wheel in a rim brake model?” The short answer is no. While there still are many cyclists riding with rim brakes, we decided to only offer disc brake wheels…

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cyclist taking tire pressure

Why Tire Pressure Matters

Ideal Tire Pressure Choosing the ideal tire pressure for your ride can be challenging, and here are a few points to consider when deciding how much air to put in your tire for the day’s adventure.  First, it’s always good to think about the worst possible sections of trail that you may or may not…

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carson becket mtb

Becket Wins UCI cross country race in Banner Elk

Gulo Ambassador Carson Becket We checked in with Gulo ambassador and pro mountain bike racer Carson Becket to get a few words on his win this past weekend. With the UCI mountain bike event held in Banner Elk, NC, he had an advantage and he seized it nicely. The UCI is the leading governing body…

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gravel rider with garmin

Coast to Coast 2022 Gravel Grinder

The Coast to Coast 2022 Gravel Grinder 213 epic miles epic gravel biking event The Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder is an epic gravel biking event that spans from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. This isn’t just any gravel event; the demanding event is 213 miles long with over 80% gravel. The terrain includes pavement,…

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cyclist with helmet on

Gulo Ambassador, Leila Husian Recaps BWR 2022

Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina – BWR 2022 offered up Traversing through dark green rhododendron tunnels, climbing to the tops of grassy mountain peaks with expansive views, and descending twisty single track is just a little bit of what Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina 2022 had to offer. The weather hung around the high 70’s…

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gravel riders

Are Tire Inserts Worth It

The bike industry is a mecca of innovation.  There is a continuous release of the next best must-have gadget, gear, or piece of equipment promising to shave seconds off our rides or grams off the bike. Or just something to make life a little bit easier. If you have an unlimited budget and multiple bikes…

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tubeless tire

Tubeless and Non-Tubeless Tires Explained

Tubeless and Non-Tubeless are both Clinchers Tubeless and non-tubeless tires are both “clinchers.” Their commonality is how they attach to the rim. They both “clinch” the tire bead to the rim bead, creating an airtight seal in the wheel system.  Their differences are how the air chambers are formed and contained in each tire and bed of…

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cyclist riding tubular tires

Tubular Tires – what’s good, what’s bad.

Who uses Tubular Tires Traditional tires used in road racing, time trials, and cyclocross are tubular. Tubular tires are full round tires with the inner tube sewn into the tire from the bottom, thus earning the name ‘sew-ups’. The tire is glued to the rim, creating a powerful bond and reducing the risk of the…

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tubeless tire being filled with sealant

Totally Tubeless

Tubeless is the future. We work with a group of talented professional riders and world-class mechanics. We draw from their years of experience in the cycling industry and their knowledge of equipment and wheels. They have worked and ridden on almost every tire and wheel combination possible, and their feedback and other industry leaders were…

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callie horwath mtb race

Callie Horthworth and Ride Kanuga Bike Park

Kanuga Bike Park Is A Go! It all started in the Spring of 2019 when I received the call that said, “quit your job, Kanuga’s a go.” The call was from my boyfriend, Neko Mulally has been involved in the initial deliberation of the Kanuga Conference Center, allowing him and Dave Lamond, Ride Kanuga’s co-founder,…

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