BWR NC 2021 – Could I have ridden faster?

Recap of BWR 2021– Hell of the North (Carolina) by Reny Townsend I’ve had a lot of thoughts running through my head since the BWR NC event. All of them are good, except I wonder if I could have ridden faster;) To put my experience into perspective, BWR NC will be the keystone event I…

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BWR Asheville earns its name as the “Hell of the North!”

The BWR Asheville course proves to be a challenging ride. Although this course is shorter in distance than the other races in the Triple Crown series, clocking in at just under 100 miles, the nature of Western North Carolina’s gravel roads make up for it in difficulty. Not only do you have to scale over…

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preride show puregravel

The BWR Pre-Ride Show with PureGravel

Jim Miller with Pure Gravel and Pre-Ride Show stopped by the Gulo Booth and sat down with John Murphy, Gulo Composite Brand Manager and course designer for BWR Asheville 2021 to do an  impromptu interview. Both them were super pumped about the ride and discussed ride strategies and the benefits to riding Gulo Wheels for…

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cyclist standing next to bike

Riding the BWR Asheville tips

“Hello, my name is Reny Townsend and I’m a long time cycling fiend who longs to ride the hardest and biggest stuff on my days off. BWR Ashville is my #1 race priority of the year.  My goal is to win the 40+ male category even though it probably isn’t realistic. In my experience there really isn’t a…

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mathew busche cyclist crossing finish line

BWR Survival Guide

Imagine, you’re about 2 weeks out from the toughest gravel grinder event you’ll face this year or maybe ever. How are you feeling? A little nervous? A little anxious? Or maybe extremely confident? Whatever you’re feeling, the answer is to be calm! There is little denying that BWR (Belgian Waffle Ride) is going to be…

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veloworthy interview with gulo composites

Talk on Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camps

Tue, 6/22 · 5:52 PM20:150:03 Veloworthy’s Brian Co, talks with Adam Mills from Source Endurance and John Murphy from Gulo Composites about BWR Survival Camps. Brian:Hey guys, I’m joined with Adam Mills and John Murphy, and we are here to talk about BWR Survival camps. And if you don’t already know who John is, he…

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bwr and gulo logos and cyclist

Proud Partner of the BWR N. Carolina

Gulo Composites is stoked to partner with BWR N. Carolina as the official wheel sponsor Gulo Composites is stoked to partner with BWR North Carolina. As a North Carolina-based company, it’s a no-brainer to support the leading gravel racing series in North America. Our wheels offer a unique advantage for gravel riders because of our manufactured-in-house G1 Composite Spokes. Our spokes…

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pisgah podcast graphic

Pisgah Podcast with Gulo Composite’s Brand Manger, John Murph.

John Murphy fills us in on his career change from pro cycling to brand manager for Gulo Composites along with the details on their fancy carbon wheels.

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hincapie chattanooga gran fondo logo

The road to Chattanooga and the Hincapie Gran Fondo

This was not my first Gran Fondo, but this Gran Fondo was different. It proved to be what I think is a defining moment in my cycling evolution. I have had forays into cycling both road and mountain through the years as a teen and then as a young adult, but nothing overly serious. Cycling…

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