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One of the incredible parts of living here and spring biking in WNC is the changing seasons and spring biking. All four seasons have plenty of valid options to be the favorite, summer has our deep green jungle feel deep in the woods, fall has our unique color-changing trees, and winter opens up dozens of new long-range views.  Spring has all of this new life that crawls out of the less vibrant wintertime.

Spring brings new life

There’s new life in the plants as they are growing brand-new leaves are bright neon green that filters the light through the canopy in a way that can sometimes give the forest a faint green glow. There are new flowers and flowering trees all over the forest with every corner you turn a new chance for a vibrant surprise of some new flower species you’ve never seen before. You can watch the fern unfurl, turning into the great green fans of the forest floor.

New animal life is abundant as well. You begin to see the new momma bears and their cubs trotting through the coves and valleys of the forest and salamanders enjoying the cool flow of the mountain streams.

grant riding pisgah
grant riding pisgah

Spring also brings new life to us and our outdoor pursuits. The days are longer, allowing us to get out and enjoy all of the new life in nature that these longer days bring us.

My bike is a great tool for getting my out in nature

For me that looks like longer bike rides that take me further from civilization but closer and closer to nature. My bike is an incredible tool that allows me to get further out into the woods than I would otherwise be able to see aspects of nature that others rarely glimpse.

The trails also take on a new life moving from the freeze-thaw of wintertime to the grippy dirt and wet roots of spring. Even though there may be more rain, there is always somewhere you can ride.