Exploring the Benefits of the new GGA-44 Ultra-wide Aero Gravel wheelset

Gravel biking and racing continues to gain popularity. With this comes an increase in the professionalism at the front of these races. This years Unbound 200 saw record breaking times, sprint finishes for both the mens and womens fields, custom skinsuits with integrated hydration bladders and airfoil upper arm pockets, 100 mile breakaways, and plenty of team tactics. Gravel has started to resemble road racing, whether you like it or not, and with that equipment has to adapt or be lost forever to the PinkBike comment section.

The importance of aerodynamics has been accepted since Greg LeMond’s time trial dominance and Paris Roubaix has been won with aerodynamic wheels every year since Tom Boonen in 2009. The Rule of 105% (aka the rim needs to be 105% of the width of the tire for maximum aerodynamic benefit) is widely accepted for road wheels. However, as wider tires for gravel bikes have become popular the industry has begun calling 32mm width wheels “aero” for gravel tires. There is room for large improvement with wider external width rims to more closely match road wheel profiles off-road.

Understanding Aerodynamics in Cycling

Aerodynamics plays a critical role in cycling efficiency, especially as speeds increase. The primary aerodynamic forces acting on a cyclist include drag, which can be divided into form drag (shape-related) and skin friction drag (surface-related). For gravel bikes, where speed and stability across mixed terrains are crucial, optimizing aerodynamics without compromising control and comfort is essential.

The Advantages of 40mm Wide External and 30mm Wide Internal Width Rims

1. Road Quality Airflow Off-road

The rim and tire interface is crucial for optimal aerodynamic performance. The ultra-wide 40mm width rim of the GGA-44’s creates a smooth transition from tire to rim with 38-42mm tires which reduces turbulence and drag at the tire-rim junction, improving overall aerodynamic efficiency.

2. Reduced Turbulence and Vortex Shedding

Deeper rims contribute to aerodynamic performance by reducing the occurrence of vortex shedding. Vortex shedding occurs when air flows past a blunt object, creating alternating low-pressure zones that generate drag and instability. A deeper rim profile streamlines airflow, minimizing these vortices and reducing drag. The combination of a 44mm deep and 40mm wide rim efficiently streamlines the airflow behind wide gravel tires without compromising on weight or crosswind stability. This effect is particularly beneficial at higher speeds, where aerodynamic drag exponentially increases.

3. Increased Stability and Handling

As the width of tires has increased for gravel riding the internal width of the rims those tires are paired with has only increased slightly to 25mm on most wheels in the industry. This trend means that the ratio of tire width to rim internal width has increased significantly. Pairing a wide tire with a narrow rim can lead to bulbous tire shape which reduces aero performance and can lead to your tire feeling floppy at low pressure. The 30mm internal width of the GGA-44 rim when paired with a 38-42mm tire optimizes the tire shape for aerodynamic performance, improves sidewall support, and maximizes tire volume across the range.

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gga 44 gravel wheelset

4. Structural Integrity and Durability

Gravel biking demands equipment that can withstand rough conditions. The 4mm wide beads distribute impact forces and significantly reduces the chance of pinch flatting tires. Combine this with an impact strength in excess of 100J and these wheels are ready to carry you through anything you are prepared to throw at them.

cyclist riding gulo gga 44

Real-World Benefits for Gravel Riders

Speed and Efficiency

Gravel riders spend a lot of time in the wind whether they are racing, long-distance adventure, or just out for an evening ride. The aerodynamic benefit of the GGA-44 wheels translate directly to speed and efficiency meaning you can explore further or get to the coffee shop quicker than ever before.

Versatility Across Terrains

The enhanced stability and handling provided by the wider and deeper rim combination make it versatile across various terrains. Throw on a pair of slick tires for the most capable road bike feeling setup of your life or choose a more durable knobby option to confidently tackle any terrain. Either way, the GGA-44’s will make you faster than you’ve ever been.

Comfort and Control

Gravel biking is as much about comfort and control as it is about speed. The improved tire profile, stability, and vibration damping carbon composite G-spokes with Ride Smooth Technology offered by the GGA-44 wheelset ensure a smoother and more controlled ride. Riders can focus on enjoying the journey, knowing their setup is optimized for both aerodynamics and terrain adaptability.


As gravel continues to evolve, innovation will continue to play a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of what gravel biking can do. By understanding the technical benefits and real-world advantages, gravel riders can make informed decisions to optimize their setup for speed, efficiency, and comfort. The boundary pushing rim profile of the GGA-44 will enhance aerodynamics, stability, and overall performance of your gravel bike. Order a set for yourself today to experience the future of gravel wheel performance.