George is a Gulo Fan and loves his GGX-SL gravel wheels. He recently participated in the Gravel Event The Last Best Ride in the Mountain Goat Course, held in Whitefish Montana and shared a bit about his gravel adventure.

“I rode The Last Best Ride Montana on my Gulo gravel wheels.  They were fantastic.  It was a 48-mile ride outside Whitefish, Montana, just west of GlacierNP, of which about 40 miles were right punishing gravel Forest Service and fire roads, double track, and a bit of single track.  Many riders had wheel problems, including broken spokes and the like.  The course is rough – 40 of the 48 miles are gravel, and the Gulo’s were flawless.  I wish my legs were as strong as they are!  I made a bad choice crossing a wooden bridge and dropped my rear wheel into a crack between boards, was just able to pull through it upright, but the wheels were unscathed, and we kept on rolling. I carried bear spray as they recommended but didn’t see any while riding.”

elevation gain chart

short Course –
Aprx. Start Time: 7:45am
Key Stats –  
Distance: 48 miles 
Elevation Gain: 4,189 feet
Starting Elevation: 3,036 feet
Highest Point: 4,489 feet
 Aid Stations: 3, at aprx. Miles 9, 26, and 36)

bike and bear spray
water bottles on bike
GGX-SL gulo spokes

Event History

The Last Best Ride Event showcases some of Northwest Montana’s most spectacular outdoor offerings and the event got its namesake from a book titled, The Last Best Place, A Montana Anthology published by Annick Smith and William Kittredge. The book was created as part of Montana’s Centennial celebration in 1988 and was comprised of journals, essays, stories, poems, and indigenous oral histories and it became a national bestseller. To read more about the Last Best Ride visit their website at