or both?

One wheelset for every ride and any surface

Conquer Any Surface 

Gulo gravel wheel GGA SL with carbon composite g-spokes – designed to seamlessly transition between smooth pavement and rough paths, delivering the ultimate convenience and smooth ride for the adventurous cyclist.

built for both worlds

Gulo gravel wheels strike a balance between road and gravel riding

  • Rim Width: Wider than traditional road bike rims, Gulo’s rims accommodate larger gravel tires, offering increased air volume for increased control on loose surfaces. Designed with the wider tires in mind to increase aerodynamics for ultimate efficiency.
  • Strength and Durability: Gulo wheels are built tough, with industry leading impact and tensile strength with every G-Spoke. This strength translates to reliability on all surfaces. Stronger spokes hold tension for longer which leads to less routine maintenance compared to competitors.
  • Tire Choice is Key: While Gulo wheels excel with gravel tires, you can also swap to road-specific tires for peak performance on asphalt. This versatility provides a true two-in-one solution.

Fly Uphill. The Lightest, Smoothest Ride Yet!

  • Effortless Ascents: Conquer climbs with ease thanks to the incredibly light weight.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Enhanced control and reduced vibrations deliver an unbelievably smooth ride, whether you’re on gravel or pavement.
  • Super Quiet Confidence: Ride Smooth Technology helps to reduce chatter and road noise, allowing you to focus on the ride.

    Unbreakable Strength Meets Lightweight Innovation:

    • Weight: 1225g
    • 20% Stronger than Steel: G-Spokes deliver incredible tensile strength, exceeding the capabilities of stainless steel.
    • Tubeless Ready (Hookless Rims): Maximize performance and puncture resistance with a tubeless setup (recommended tire size: 28C-50C).
    • Ditch the Upgrade Cravings: This wheelset offers unparalleled performance that will leave you wondering why you ever settled for less.
    • Upgrade: To a ride that’s as light as it is smooth. Order your super-light carbon wheelset today!

      Ride Smooth Technology (RST)

      Our G-Spoke with Ride Smooth Technology with carbon composite G-Spokes represents a significant advancement in bicycle wheel technology, reducing vibrations by 7.5%.

      • Tames Vibration: Gravel roads are notorious for bumps, loose stones, and chatter. RST, through its carbon composite G-spokes and design, absorbs these vibrations before they reach your body. This reduces fatigue, allowing you to ride farther and stronger on rough surfaces.
      • Improved Traction: By mitigating vibration, RST allows your tires to maintain better contact with the loose gravel. This translates to increased control and confidence, especially when navigating tight corners or descending on unpredictable terrain.
      • A Smoother Ride: Less vibration means a smoother overall ride, reducing stress on your arms, back, and legs. This translates to increased comfort, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and focus on the adventure.
      • Enhanced Comfort: Even on smooth pavement, road bikes can be unforgiving. RST’s with carbon G-Spokes vibration dampening properties take the edge off those small bumps and imperfections, creating a more comfortable ride, especially on long distances.
      • Sharper Handling: By reducing vibrations that can deflect your wheels slightly, RST can contribute to sharper handling and better responsiveness on paved roads. This allows for more precise control and a more connected feel with the bike.
      • Reduced Rider Fatigue: Similar to gravel, less vibration on the road translates to less fatigue. This keeps you fresher for longer rides and allows you to push harder when needed.



      I stood in the Gulo Wheel House where the wheels are assembled one at a time by hand and watched a testing rig drop a heavy anvil onto the middle of a Gulo spoke, over and over again. The braided composite took the blows and never looked any worse for wear. “Isn’t carbon fiber brittle when it is hit like that?” I asked. “Well, there’s carbon composite there, but it’s also woven with some other materials that make it super strong,” said the wheel tech, being secretive about what else was braided together in those spokes…

      The quest for optimal cycling performance has led to groundbreaking innovations in vibration damping technology. From reducing rider fatigue to enhancing control and increasing speed, effective vibration damping has become a transformative factor in the cycling experience.

      Technological advancements, including sophisticated suspension systems, tire innovations, and cutting-edge materials, highlight a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in modern cycling. Gulo Composites stands out as a trailblazer, revolutionizing the cycling community with their superior vibration damping properties, particularly in their braided composite carbon spokes.

      Having personally tested Gulo wheels, I can attest to the noticeable difference in ride quality – precision, smoothness, and reduced fatigue. As we embrace these innovations, we propel the sport forward, redefining what is possible and unlocking new levels of performance and enjoyment on every ride.

      Josh Whitmore

      Cycling Coach and Mountain Bike Skills Instructor