uncompromising performance

Tackle Any Terrain with GULO Carbon Wheels

For cyclists who crave adventure and push their limits, versatility is key

You need a bike and components that can handle anything the road (or lack thereof) throws your way.
Enter Gulo Carbon Wheels – the ultimate companions for conquering any terrain.

Lightweight Performance, Unmatched Durability

Gulo wheels are crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, making them incredibly lightweight. This translates to effortless climbing, quicker acceleration, and a more responsive ride. However, lightweight doesn’t mean fragile. Gulo’s innovative G-Spoke technology provides exceptional strength, exceeding the capabilities of traditional stainless steel spokes. Whether you’re navigating smooth asphalt or tackling rough gravel paths, Gulo wheels can handle it all.

Comfort Meets Control

Gulo doesn’t just prioritize speed; they prioritize comfort too. Their Ride Smooth Technology is a game-changer. G-Spokes with Ride Smooth Technology, absorbs vibrations and reduces road noise. The result? A smooth, comfortable ride that allows you to focus on the adventure ahead, no matter the terrain.

Two Options to Unleash Your Beast

The ultimate choice for weight-conscious road cyclists. These featherweight wheels prioritize lightning-fast responsiveness and climbing prowess.

A versatile option for cyclists who enjoy both paved roads and gravel adventures. The GGA 38 offers a perfect balance between lightweight performance and rugged durability.

The Gulo Difference

Gulo isn’t just about creating wheels; we are passionate about creating exceptional cycling experiences.

  • Hand-built in North Carolina: Each Gulo wheelset is meticulously hand-built, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service: Gulo prioritizes customer satisfaction. Their knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect wheelset for your needs.
  • A Commitment to Innovation: Gulo is constantly pushing boundaries and developing new technologies to create the best possible wheels for cyclists of all levels.

Ready to Conquer Any Terrain?

Gulo Carbon Wheels are the ideal choice for cyclists who demand uncompromising performance. With their lightweight design, exceptional durability, and innovative comfort features, Gulo wheels will help you explore further, ride faster, and conquer any terrain with confidence.

Call us today at (828) 966-3351 to learn more and find the perfect wheelset to take your cycling adventures to the next level!