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Gulo GMX-25 wheels

I had my doubts about carbon spoked wheels, but they've been largely abated during the period I had Gulo's GMX-25 wheels on test. They perform as advertised and are one of the lightest and stiffest wheelsets one could buy and, the ride quality is top-notch. I do hesitate to recommend them to anyone other than a weight connoisseur or someone with a spare wheelset since every component of the system is proprietary. Finding replacement parts, depending on locale, could be challenging should the need arise.


I think it's incredibly cool to see people from outside the bike industry bringing a fresh set of eyes and ideas to the table, and believe this kind of innovation can drive a lot of the products we see in the future.

 Daniel Sapp

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Welcome to the benefits of the Gulo Integrated System and our system engineered approach to designing and building the best riding wheels ever. Patents Pending.


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